As part of our offer, Nova International is committed to supporting our clients with high-quality training to develop their expertise and support them in attracting and retaining the best employees.

We have a range of training courses available, however our most popular are:

  1. Interview Skills Training
    Perfect for any company who wants to hire the best talent, Nova International’s Interview Skills Training will help you to plan for an effective interview, understand a candidate’s goals and aspirations and set the right questions so that you’ve maximised the potential of your interview.
  2. Recruitment training
    As a specialist, international recruiter, Nova International’s Recruitment Training can support in-house recruitment teams who need to add additional expertise. In addition, Nova International’s recruitment training can help any recruitment teams who need extra support for specialist or niche roles, for example for a geography or discipline that’s outside of the in-house team’s usual scope.
  3. Grievance, Discipline and Dismissals
    A badly managed grievance or disciplinary procedure can cause significant harm both financially and to their reputation. Nova International’s Grievance training can support managers to develop problem solving and negotiation skills, to ensure that the grievance and disciplinary process is managed fairly with communication at the centre for both workers and employers. 
  4. TUPE training
    Nova International can support organisations following a merger or acquisition with all elements of TUPE so that employees can transition to their new employment with ease. Nova International has experience of delivering TUPE training at all levels across a range of sectors and in multiple geographies. We are skilled at managing the complexities of TUPE and our training is designed to support organisations to manage TUPE effectively. 
  5. Employment wellbeing 
    Employee wellbeing spans far beyond traditional ‘Health & Safety’ matters and now includes all aspects of physical and mental health in the workplace. The most successful organisations put employee wellbeing at the centre of their organisation as it’s well known to improve productivity and reduce employee attrition. 

Nova International can deliver tailored employment wellbeing programs for your organisation, to help you with any specific issues that are impacting employee wellbeing. We also offer an introductory program to help you focus on employee wellbeing.