Nova International is committed to providing only the most suitable candidates for a healthcare role, so conduct extensive research if headhunting is required and leverage our clinical expertise and knowledge to ensure that we only put forward the highest quality and suitably qualified medical practitioners for a role. 

For over 19 years, Nova International has recruited every type of healthcare professional, from brain surgeons and clinical directors all the way through to healthcare assistants, clerical staff and porters. 

Within the NHS, Nova International has recruited in some of London’s most prestigious hospitals, including Whitechapel Hospital and St Bart’s. Internationally, we have worked extensively in Sidra Medical Center in Qatar, which offers state-of-the-art facilities committed to providing women and children in Qatar with world-class tertiary healthcare services.  

International Healthcare recruitment can be highly complex, with a number of varying factors that can influence the recruitment process and impact the speed to hire:

  • Legal and medical systems can vary in different countries
  • Visas and immigration may impact the speed with which a candidate is available to work
  • Passport checks are more extensive in international recruitment
  • Referencing and screening procedures to ensure all candidates are of a suitable clinical quality (overseen by our Healthcare Recruitment Director, Dr Kam Sidhu)
  • Family repatriation may be an important factor in international recruitment

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