Executive Search

Executive Search is a completely different approach to sourcing candidates, where we typically work with clients on a very personalised approach and deliver a service that’s fully tailored to their requirements. 

Having taken an initial brief from the client, the Nova International team will commence headhunting, utilising our extensive database and international networks to provide the client with a shortlist of the best quality candidates on the market.

Often, the candidates are not actively searching for a new role, so we take the time to understand the benefits that the client’s organisation could bring to a potential candidate’s career. Knowing our candidate database well, we are able to identify the most suitable candidates and position the opportunities for the new role so that we are only making approaches to candidates who would be open to a new role. 

Nova International’s executive search process ensures they can recruit senior professionals for healthcare, corporate and executive roles which can involve very complex searches. Our clients can be very specific about a candidate's education, qualifications, location, culture and the fit within the organisation.

At Nova International, we strive to ensure that we only make approaches to the most suitable candidates and carry out extensive research during the executive search process prior to making any approach. We have a large database of potential candidates and work hard to engage with them so that they are receptive for the perfect opportunities when they come up!

Executive searches are pivotal roles within any organisation as a top-quality leadership team is essential for a profitable and successful company. 

Nova International can help you with any executive-level and C-Suite roles, in a range of industries. 

We pride ourselves on a consultative and personal approach, with a dedicated consultant to work with you on all your Executive Search recruitment requirements.