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Diversity and Inclusion

Critical for every recruitment agency in 2021, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of the recruitment strategy at Nova International. Our policy is to treat all candidates and clients equally, fairly and with respect.

Not every location that we recruit in is as progressive and advanced as the UK, so our consultants are fully trained in all aspects of diversity and inclusion and take the time to work with our clients in developing countries to ensure that the recruitment process is as equal as it can be.

As Nova International recruits in a number of developing locations, we face additional challenges in terms of cultural stereotypes. We see no reason why a medical professional would be discounted for a role because of their gender, so the team at Nova International will go through additional checks to ensure we have provided a comprehensive shortlist of potential candidates for every single hire.

Gender, race and physical ability should not be factors in a candidate securing their dream role, so the team at Nova International takes pride in our recruitment processes. All candidates who register with Nova International have equal opportunity to apply for a role and their application will be considered based on their skills, experience and suitability to fit in with the culture of the organisation.
All consultants at Nova International undertake Diversity and Inclusion training as part of our induction process and will receive regular training in the latest best practice from the UK and internationally.
Here’s some practical ways that Nova International embraces Diversity and Inclusion in our recruitment processes:

  • Adverts are designed to ensure no discriminatory language has been used and images represent a wide range of candidates.
  • Selection is always based on a pre-determined set of criteria, as agreed by the client.
  • Candidates will be shortlisted based on expertise and core-competencies and will not be limited based on age, race, ethnicity, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Our candidate database is regularly monitored and updated with key Diversity and Inclusion information.
  • Our recruitment processes are updated and monitored and in line with the latest best practice and diversity and inclusion recommendations.
  • Nova International offers training on how to interview candidates equally.
  • Assessment centres are set up and managed with a real focus on Diversity and Inclusion.

There is a long way to go before we can say that all workplaces globally fully embrace Diversity and Inclusion, but we think it’s important that each and every member of the recruitment community embraces Diversity and Inclusion as small, consistent steps forward every day will bring about the step-change the world needs!

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