Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Nova International offers a range of Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions which are perfect for specific projects that require specialist knowledge or to support any teams with recruitment campaigns that cannot be delivered by an in-house team. 

Nova International offers our clients support with a completely tailored service, anything from standard recruitment campaigns to specialist headhunting in our core sectors - healthcare, corporate and executive. In particular, our clients will use Nova International for recruitment campaigns in specific geographies, including Africa and the Middle East, Europe, America and Asia Pacific. 

With experience of delivering Recruitment Process Outsourcing in the Middle East, Nova International has extensive experience of offering the full spectrum of Recruitment Process Outsourcing services, with over 500 candidates from porters and healthcare assistants up to brain surgeons and clinical directors, plus a range of corporate and executive roles. 

We have a variety of options available for RPO, including onsite, offsite or virtual. Please get in touch with our team on 0207 692 0866 or email to discuss the best option for your organisation.

What are the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing? 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a great option for businesses and delivers the following benefits:

Consistent candidate experience

Using a specialist Recruitment Process Outsourcing specialist will ensure a consistent recruitment experience for all candidates. Using Nova International’s tools, technology and processes, you can be guaranteed that your candidates will have the best experience throughout the recruitment process, in turn improving candidate retention.

Lower recruitment costs

Partnering with Nova International for Recruitment Process Outsourcing means you’ll benefit from our experience and know that we will guarantee a great shortlist of suitable candidates ready for you to interview. With the right skills and networks in place, we can do this quickly and at a lower cost than many internal recruitment teams.

Scalable recruitment capacity

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a brilliant solution for either specialist roles - whether that’s in a specific sector or a particular geography. If your recruitment needs are only short-term, for example if you’re launching a new service or opening a new facility, outsourcing your recruitment to Nova International could be the quickest and cheapest way to scale your recruitment capacity in the short term.