Techonology & IT Services

As the global economy recovers, technology will play an increasing part in supporting the transformation required to secure business growth. All encompassing, technology and digital innovation requires stable platforms to provide the requisite security for the public’s secure data and ground-breaking innovations to allow the digital revolution to connect the global population.


Crucial for all aspects of technological innovation, hardware professionals will be at the forefront of supporting digital projects. With an extensive network of IT professionals on the Nova International database, you can rely on us to secure the specialist professionals for your IT recruitment.


One of the most dynamic sectors, the advent of the Cloud opens up a wealth of opportunities for software developers and application innovators. Nova International is connected to some of the leading software networks in the UK and internationally and has the resources available to provide you with the best talent within software recruitment.

IT services 

With IT at the heart of many organisations, a technology-focused company will lead the way in terms of both innovation and growth. Nova International’s connections with technology specialist consultants means we’ve got the IT services specialists we need to support your business with a robust IT strategy to support business growth.


IT is at the heart of our homes and the modern workplace and research shows that our behaviour has already changed as a result of mobile communications and the array of technology and the devices that we use daily to manage our lives.   
5G and the Internet of Things opens up an expanse of opportunities for communications teams and specialists and Nova International is well placed to support your recruitment requirements through our extensive UK and international database