Public & Non Profit

Political uncertainty and a drive for transparency with public sector spending drives an increasing challenge for recruiting and retaining the best talent in the public and not-for-profit sector. With a need to modernise bureaucratic institutions, highly skilled and inspirational leaders, supported by a committed and professional team is critical to develop a modern, not for profit organisation. 

Charities and Foundations

With an increasingly conscious world, the growth in charities, not for profit organisations and NGOs is increasing. Nova International is part of some of the largest charitable networks overseas and has supported teams to launch international charities.
In the UK, Nova International has worked with a number of large, household names, providing a range of charitable workers to support them with their mission.

Government and Public organisation 

Nova International has extensive local government and public sector recruitment experience and has worked both internationally and within a number of local councils in the UK.


Nova International has recruited for a number of major building firms, including engineers, architects and a range of construction professionals. With the remit of many housing organisations changing due to the market condensing through mergers and acquisitions, housing leaders and professionals now need to retain their commercial awareness to ensure they are bringing the best strategic opportunities to their housing organisation.