The requirements for the industrial sector to manage international supply chains and the associated cost pressures, whilst operating sustainably have never been greater. Global talent underpins this crucial sector and Nova International is here to support our clients who are looking for the right teams to manage the complex infrastructure requirements across a range of industries, including construction, factories, oil and gas and machine operators.


Infrastructure projects are increasing in terms of size and complexity, which means greater demand for the best talent for infrastructure project management and fundraising. With fewer infrastructure projects starting up, each project is highly complex and will demand the best talent, which can be a challenge given the global talent shortage. 
Nova International has an extensive database of candidates who can work on the most complex infrastructure projects, ensuring consistent delivery and exceptional stakeholder management. 


The manufacturing sector has experienced significant growth and supply chains across the globe will continue to challenge the most experienced manufacturing professionals. Nova International has a proven track record of supporting a range of manufacturing production facilities and logistics operations with a range of recruitment requirements, including recruitment process outsourcing.


With global travel evolving constantly, there are tough requirements for anyone leading organisations that can physically bring together the world via air, sea, rail and road. Given the complex challenges of the transportation sector, only the most commercially astute teams will be successful in supporting the transportation and logistics sector to secure long-term growth.
Using our extensive network of connections both within the UK and internationally, Nova International has supported some of the largest transportation companies globally and within the UK.

Energy and Natural Resources       

Facing enormous pressure from both politicians and the public, the energy and natural resources sector is under increasing pressure to support the climate change agenda and reduce the impact of production on our precious environment. Nova International has supported complex recruitment projects in the Middle East, recruiting specialists in the gas and oil industry.