Consumer / Entertainment / Sport

Keeping up with the ever increasing demands of the consumer is an incredible challenge, with every interaction having the potential to impact the buying decision. Whether that’s through the content or advertising that a brand puts out or the experience that you receive in a store, the online world has changed the relationship with the consumer forever. Only the most advanced teams and businesses will be positioned to overcome the increasing challenges that consumers put in their way.

Consumer goods 

The consumer goods market can involve everything from import and export, managing supply chains, fluctuating prices and new technology to improve customer experiences. The digital and online world allows this sector to be at the forefront of innovation, using the power of the customer data available to make informed decisions about potential new products and the best innovations in the consumer goods market. 

Media & Entertainment and Publishing 

With an increasing demand for on-demand entertainment, the media, entertainment and publishing sector is growing and this is likely to continue. With ever-changing technology, high quality content production relies on the best talent available, which Nova International can provide with our extensive network of film and TV professionals.


Despite our high streets evolving and the push towards online, Nova International continues to see growth in the retail sector. As the retail model continues to evolve with the advancement of new technology and increasing customer demands, we are placing recruitment professionals in roles that blend physical premises with online presence.
Nova International has placed a range of retail staff in some highly exciting placements, including recruiting retail professionals for luxury, high-end stores and head office roles for major retailers globally.  


The modern world has changed how sports fans interact with their teams and players; now expecting ready access to players through multi-channel sporting content. 
The range of personnel needed to support a sporting event can include ticketing staff, cleaners, greenkeepers, and marshalls, many of which are high-turnover for short-term placements.
Nova International experience of recruiting for sporting events both within the UK and internationally, including the 2012 London Olympics.