International Tax Manager

Attractive Salary Package



Our client is hiring an International Tax Manager to join the team.

A suitable candidate should be a motivated and multi-skilled individual that meets the requirements of the role.


  • Engaging in global tax operations and aiding in the administration and supervision of involvement and participation in economics.
  • Assisting people with growing their personality and doing this by administering, instructing, overseeing and teaching the organizational staff.
  • Comprehending and abiding by the plans, policies, modulations and standard principles of tax and maintaining the ethics of the job location.
  • Directing and overseeing the global tax tasks, undertakings and workings.
  • Administering client relations and presenting tax tasks and undertakings on a regular basis.
  • Interacting with the administration personnel, explaining the tax undertakings, workings, tasks and operations and reporting to them.
  • Examining the national and administrative divisional financial gain levies and analysing the domestic filings.
  • Investigating tax rules and regulations, formulating levy returns and filling up blank levy documents.
  • Directing and administrating the levy strategizing, transcribing, cost and income activities of the company.
  • Make sure that the tax methods, procedures and programs agree with all the standard modulatory needs and financial regulations at the domestic, state and national levels.
  • Backing up the customers with handling and dealing with tax dangers and possessions.
  • Assisting the organization with enhancing its inside controls for transcription and following income, property taxes and other tax information.
  • Investigating and creating levy economic plans and programs for the customers.
  • Fitting the available levy information into the fiscal documents and agreements.
  • Providing suggestions on international tax and creating and handling customer relations.
  • Developing and maintaining the brand name and honour of the organization.
  • Upholding and handling the principles and methods, shaping and outlining the dealings and other technical undertakings related to tax.
  • Overseeing and directing the enforcement of tax strategized undertakings and unifying some specific companies with their tax undertaking methods and procedures.
  • Conducting acquisition accounts analysis and tests regarding the transferred properties that have already been dealt with.
  • Negotiating with the organization's international tasks, projects and undertakings on various tax issues with respect to their functions and controls.
  • Working in conjunction with the organization's supervisory activities across international trade undertakings and operations.
  • Supervising the external tax advisors and recognizing and enforcing sales tax strategizing possibilities.
  • Creating task and work opportunities with the buying section and making sure that they agree with the given policies.
  • Collaborating with the other tax unit associates and subordinates to solve the complex tax matters of the entire organization.



  • Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Accounting, Taxation, Finance or related field.
  • Tax and/or Accountancy qualifications (CIOT, ACA, ACCA or equivalent).
  • Demonstrable experience and proficiency with international taxes.
  • Tax accounting experience, including agreement of tax accounting disclosures with auditors.
  • Experience in a role in a large organisation where you have operated at a senior advisory or similar level.
  • Strong tax technical knowledge across all aspects of international tax.
  • Strong appreciation of how tax fits into the wider business context from a compliance, commercial and risk perspectives.
  • Demonstration of influencing skills with senior management, especially regarding topics of sensitivity such as tax and remuneration.
  • Attention to detail with a high level of accuracy.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong organisational skills and ability to prioritise.


  • Experience managing a team spread across different locations and time zones.